Premium Azgad the Smouldering Shadow 2022-03-10

Very cool pack for rpg, adventure. This might be a good idea for dungeon.

  1. Enrique Gil

    Get the biggest, baddest and most well made flying Model Engine boss you’ve seen so far.
    The Ultimate Minecraft World Boss
    Took 2 people a 5 weeks to make, 2500 lines of code .

    See videos and more images further down.

    Azgad comes with:

    • Smart AI, he understands if he’s in the air, on water, on land and behaves accordingly.
    • 11 ground skills (all with unique animations): GrillFinish, WingAttack, TailSwing, Roar, FireBreath, Stomp, RunRoar, Eat, RainOfFire, Bite, Blazing Sun.
    • 4 air skills (all with unique animations): Fire Breath, Flying Roar, Tornado, Grab and throw.
    • 3 types of landings with animations: Standard, Slide, Grab and Fire.
    • 2 Different death animations, one on the ground and one when in the air.
    • Corpse states with heart ripping animations and models.
    • Fully configured with unique death messages so the players can learn what killed them.
    • 12 voiced sounds (can be turned off anytime)
    • 21 voiceless sounds
    • 9 sfx sounds
    General features

    • Can sense which side of him players are, and act accordingly.
    • Animated textures (Watch the neck glow for example).
    • All damage is configured through placeholders, so it easily fits any server and can be configured.
    • skill for mmocore and advance achievments so your players can get exp or achievment after slaying the Azgad
    • fully customizable loot
    Dependencies: MythicMobs Premium, Lib’s disguises, ProtocolLib and ModelEngine.