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Allow players to create chat bubbles above their head! [ Factions | PlaceholderAPI | No lagg ]

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    • 1.18
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    Purpose :
    Chat Bubbles is meant to be a free plugin that allows players' messages to appear above their head and servers to customize the way in which this works. I've seen other plugins that do this but the messages don't follow the player and that seems realllllly useless. That's where I decided to improve on what I saw already existed.

    Requirements :
    Important Update: I haven't formally inspected it nor merged it with my master branch, but there is a promising fork of the plugin which promises proper Citizens support, a configurable event priority (to solve override issues), and a more optimized method of retrieving messages. Feel free to check it out -> HERE <-

    Test Servers :
    ⟿ Easy "Configuration Mode" Switching : Allows the plugin to be utilized in different preset, yet still configurable, ways

    ⟿ PlaceholderAPI Implementation : Allow PlaceholderAPI placeholders to work on the plugin.
    NOTE: For all of you unfamiliar with PlaceholderAPI, you must download its "modules" of placeholders before they will start working. For example, to use "%player_name%", you must first type "/papi ecloud download player" on your server to download the Player module. This is a PlaceholderAPI thing, is not my fault, and cannot be fixed on my part.

    ⟿ ChatBubble Formatting : Want a custom look and feel to your server? With formatting you can have more control from the server side of things on how they look.

    ⟿ Factions Mode : Allow Factions members to see your chat bubbles

    ⟿ Permissions Based : Want bubbles to be a donator perk or VIP functionality? You can do that.

    ⟿ Customizable Prefix/Suffix : Want your server to have a unique look and feel? You can do that.

    ⟿ ChatBubble Toggle : Players can independently toggle their ChatBubbles on or off given they have the permissions.

    ⟿ Works Perfectly on Heavily Populated Servers : Have a server with 250+ players? No issue.

    [1.17.1.a.1] Hex Color Support : Type a message in the format "&#HEX" to get custom hex colors. An example would be "&#FF66FF".

    [1.18.1.a.1] DecentHolograms Support :
    HolographicDisplays explicitly locks users out from using their plugin after every new Spigot release until they formally post an update. Pisses me off. DecentHolograms is the new goto.

    [1.18.1.a.2] EventPriority Support :
    Although this likely won't fix inherent conflicts with many chat managing plugins, for simple things like unicode image replacers this should help a fair bit. If you know what it means, use it. If you don't, don't touch it ezpz.

    ⟿ Check "Soon To Come" & "config.yml" for all features...

    Note: All permissions are optional and if enabled, are defined by the server owner in the config.

    ⟿ (If in Configuration Mode 1) /cb <message> : Speaks a chatbubble. Requires permission "chatbubbles.use"

    ⟿ /cbreload : Reloads the config. Requires permission "chatbubbles.reload"

    ⟿ /cbtoggle : Toggles player's ChatBubbles on/off. Requires permission "chatbubbles.toggle"
    I see no need for a written tutorial but if you want me to post your youtube explanation or whatnot, pm me.
    RED - Not started Blue - Started Green - Added
    • [1.2.8] Factions Incorporation : This would allow Factions members to see other Factions members chat bubbles in the same faction.
    • More Configuration Modes : If you have any ideas for configuration modes, let me know in the discussion section.
    • [1.3.1] Plugin Update Notifier : This would notify people when there is an update available in the least annoying way possible.
    • [1.3.1] Config Auto-Update : This would automatically update configs whenever the layout resets. (If you have used any version below 1.3.1 in the past, you must do a manual config backup/delete to take advantage of this feature)
    • Config Changes Carry Over On Auto-Update : This would keep the changes you've made to the config if they still apply to the new config.
    • [1.4.1] PlaceholderAPI Support : Self explanatory
    • [1.4.1] Custom ChatBubble Format : Server owners will have way more control over the look of chat bubbles
    • [1.4.2] Invisible Player Support : This makes invisible players not send a chatbubble (post-implementation edit: This only takes into consideration invisibility through Spigot API and does not work on players invisible due to packet control)
    • [1.4.4] Custom Height Option : This would allow custom nametag plugins be taken into account when placing the chatbubble
    • [1.4.5] Wordwrap : This would wrap the player-typed words if they are longer than the configured message length
    • [1.4.6] Overlap Control : Now new messages will replace the old message's bubble
    • [1.5.6] Sound Support : ChatBubbles will now be able to make a sound. Sounds can be vanilla or from custom resource packs. Test the sound name by using /playsound to ensure what you put in the config will work. Requested by @SpringBonnie.
    As I said, I'm just a college student. This is just a hobby. You have no need to give me money. However, if you wish to help pay for my overpriced books and classes, that would be extremely appreciated.
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