Free Minecraft Website - DarkOrange [easy setup] 2022-01-30

Simple website made for Minecraft servers!

  1. CyTahaRu
    Source Code:

    I'm training my front-end and I made this website very simple. The project was made only with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, without using frameworks.

    • Five pages to customize and adapt to the server.
    • Bar with online or offline server status with player numbers.
    • Easy configuration file with the main adjustments you should make to the website. (found in js/core.js folder)
    • Auto responsive
    Online demo:

    I created a file that has most of the important settings it's called core.js, it's in the js folder, the project is very simple so if you need to adjust more things it shouldn't be difficult.

    The contents of the news, information, shop and help pages should be edited directly from the html file for now, maybe I will add an easier configuration in the future, depending on the community's response about the project.

    Some images:


    Any questions? Bug? Suggestion? Please add at

    It is not allowed to sell or post the files elsewhere, if you use the site on your server please give me the credits and link and link to my github, I intend to become a developer someday, publish my work would help me a lot.

    ✢ FORGE096#2927 ;)