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    Fully responsive ★ Good looking ★ Free portal
    What is there not to love?


    - Fully responsive design; Looks great on computer, tablet & mobile.
    - User-friendly interface; Images are from crafttilldawn which stand out and are well known, presented in a user-friendly way.
    - Editable logo, background image, icon links and server name; You have full control over this portal and can edit what you like.
    - Customisable; If you remove/add more icons the width will automatically be adjusted so the template looks good.
    - Feature-rich; With "firefly" particles, click to copy functionality, and SEO optimisation, this template is feature-rich and future proof.
    - FREE DOWNLOAD! My template is completely free to use! All I ask is you leave the credit in the source code at some point

    Please note - This is not a Tebex or CraftingStore template. I might create one in the future.

    Thank you so much for 20,000 downloads and all the positive reviews on this resource! It means a lot.


    Step 1) Ensure you have web hosting and a domain - These are required to create your server website!
    Step 2) To find the portal files, download the template from above and extract the "" file.
    Step 3) Login to your website's FTP server (You can do this using FileZilla) and drag the contents of the .zip file you opened into 'public_html'.
    Step 4) Customise the portal to your heart's content. If you face any issues, feel free to contact me.

    Need any help? Make sure you send me a PM!

    Step 1) Using a text editor (I recommend using 'Sublime Text' or 'Visual Studio Code' as a text editor, but NotePad works), open index.html.
    Step 2) Go to the part highlighted on the image below, and replace the underlined text with the appropriate URLs. Send me a PM on Spigot or MC-Market if you need any help! (if you can't see the red text, click on the images to zoom in)
    a8d1490aedbc1b02a40230e2639e6e49dd348ce9.png b6b7e1fcc4e639efff3f785423bd44c316aefb98.png
    Step 1) Go to the img folder
    Step 2) Replace minecraft.jpg with your image named 'minecraft.jpg'. If your image is not a jpg format (e.g. png) send me a PM and I'll help you make it work!

    If something is wrong, be sure to contact me before leaving a bad review. Most of the time one of us has made a small mistake, which can easily be fixed. PM me on SpigotMC, MC-Market, or hit me up on Discord if you need any help!

    Please consider leaving a review if you use this resource!

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    A HYTALE VERSION ALSO EXISTS!★-responsive-★-easy.25/

    ✢ FORGE096#2927 ;)