Free TokenEnchantAPI 15.3.2

You can write your own Custom Enchantment (potion) effect !

  1. CyTahaRu
    This API allows you to write your own Custom Enchantment (potion) effect. Your custom enchantment will automatically be searched and loaded into TokenEnchantment when you place your .jar file in "TokenEnchant/enchants" folder.

    Quick Instruction:
    • unarchive (unzip) It contains TokenEnchantAPI-release.jar, apidocs, and TE-SampleEnchant folder.
      • if you're using maven, you can install TokenEnchantAPI.jar to your local maven repository.
      • if you're using any IDE such as Eclipse, you can register TokenEnchantAPI.jar with your custom enchantment project.
      • if you open index.html in the apidocs folder, you can browse through all APIs available.
    • Start writing your custom enchantment add-on!
      • zip file contains a sample custom enchantment addon (named as TE-SampleEnchant along with its own maven project file)
      • you can use this to test TokenEnchantAPI.
    I will be adding more tutorials and different types of sample custom enchantment later.

    It would be greatly appreciated for your donation to continue providing support for this plugin.

    ✢ FORGE096#2927 ;)